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ZEF rejects all kinds of discrimination, including racial, ethnic, gender, language, religious, political ideology, economic or social status, and any other forms of discrimination in its work.

Our projects and objectives are categorized into four major areas: Human rights, Issues awareness, Minorities rights and justice and local community support. 

  • Acting to promote and monitor the implementation of the principles of human rights

  • The promotion of the legal rights of social and domestic violence victims

  • The promotion of the rights and care of the mentally ill people

  • The protection of the rights of the victims of human rights abuses and humanitarian emergency aid

Human Rights

  • The promotion of the culture of human rights awareness and humanitarian aid assistance

  • The promotion of coexistence, peace and democracy

  • Advocacy and promoting awareness of the environment protection

Issues Awareness


Minorities Rights & Justice

  • Promoting of women’s capacity building and participation, through the encouragement of the education of women and girls

  • The protection of vulnerable groups in society, including women, children, migrants, returnees, IDPs, and the disabled

  • The promotion of civil society activists and organizations

  • The publication of regular and special issue journals and websites as required

  • The economic and cultural promotion of locally initiated development ideas and reconstruction

Local Community Support

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